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hi old friends,

crazy to think now how long ago it was we used to play this and the time we committed . i remember being a little internet brat when i first joined aw probably around 2001/2? can't remember exactly. played for a while and then headed off to other online games before coming back and joining up properly with guys like mordecae and his merry bunch and of course my old friends glimi and nighti and also others from LoP such as triscuit and more
fond memories of main rivals which were probably the lit guys like fancypants, crossbow et al and the silly dutchies from bob as well as the OAPs from... can't remember the name of that group now but i believe postal, jacq and mystify were a part of it unless my memory fails me?

if any of you guys are visiting out of nostalgia like i am, drop me a line. it'd be nice to see what everyone's up to

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i know this feel

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I've just re-registered and know this feel. There's a bloke I haven't spoken to in years who got me into this game that I would love to chat with again. I can't remember his username but I met him via Newgrounds and MSN chat. He nicknamed himself of those similar to a warrior breed of men but I cannot remember at this time.

Email is (the same one I registered with at the age of 15) if you interested in contacting me again.