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Ok, I should have free time again to do something with this game.  Free time opened up a few months ago with the last round, but unfortunately some personal issues came up.

I don't plan on starting a new round any time soon, unless there is a demand for it.

I am currently looking at different frameworks to port the game over to (more secure, app friendly, faster coding, etc.).  I think I may have found a good one.  Not sure how long it will take.  You may see the game come back in stages, much like when it started.  Remember when all you could do was build stuff?  If there are rounds running on the old code, I'll probably set up a test server for the new code.

That's all for now.
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The future is dead

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dudebros, i know how to build webapps now. open source this shiz so we can contribute too, and perhaps get this glorious relic back up and running for new players. So many great memories with this game.

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id play it