Topic: Keeping the game alive

After the revive of the game, slowly more and more players came back. However by not starting a new round within a week, the activity on the forums and IRC declined again.

If the devs/players want this game to live, and grow to former heights. I think it would be a very good idea to have the entire restart process automated. Round lengths could randomly vary between rounds.

Advantages of this:
- Probably more staying players
- Consistency
- Road map (When do the upcoming three rounds start)
- In this road map you could also show upcoming new features

I know there are a few features and a few bugs, you wanted to fix before starting a new round. But can't you better keep the game running, and develop while the game is running. (Perhaps on a test server, or a Virtual Machine)

Re: Keeping the game alive

I dont think your suggestion worked