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Topic: The Empire of Great Kesh

New Alliance looking for new recruits

The Empire of Great Kesh will offer low taxes in return for loyalty

The Empire plans to increase the number of planets that wish to serve and eventually be a powerful force inthe universe. If any member of the Empire is attacked then the Empire as a whole will strike back.

The overall gain of The Empire of Great Kesh is to have all planets in the universe serve and destroy any who choose to resist.

To join this newborn Empire then leave a msg here or in the game Woldsman 1:409 or my msn email bmd2007@hotmail.co.uk

The Empire will crush all who resist.

Our motto is "Resist and Die. Join and Prosper."

Re: The Empire of Great Kesh

Well good luck to The Empire of Great Kesh.

Remember to raise the bar but do not give into astonishment.

Re: The Empire of Great Kesh

Hey somebody likes Raymond Feist!!! message me !!!

"why do the nations rise up against the Lord and His anointed?  He who sits in the heavens laughs at them."
Psalm 2