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Hello people,

Few rounds back i've tried to make some calculators.
They are not 100% correct but still should learn you the basics.
Worked for me to get in top 10 smile … ulator.xls

good luck with it.



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I remember us trying to get a troop calculator in there. By the way the bashing lvl is static at the moment, while it can be between 10 and 35(UP) If I am correct?


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This round I'm goin to fix the calc a bit, allways usefull for newbies like meh smile
Makes attacking in drunk mode a bit easier ^^

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I have made an AW Calc with bashing limit calculator, ship cost (including artif), Tech Points, and Scan costs as an app for mac and windows. Although I have nowhere to upload it.

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ok what Caraurion was talking about:

the file for mac: … ulator.dmg
file for windows: … lator.html