Topic: Alliance for new players (I'm doing this, not a proposal)

Alright, I've decided to take it upon myself to make an alliance strictly for new players and those that don't yet have a good solid grasp on this game.

I say this first before you stop reading. I make a couple of requests of you!

1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't farm this alliance. It is to promote the growth of the game, not beat people down until they quit. That is counter productive!
2. Do not use this alliance as a filler until your alliance has the room for you, again not what it is intended for. The player whose spot you fill could potentially end up in your alliances in later rounds!
3. Do not send a spy into the alliance. You're would b spying on new players, putting a greater disadvantage between you and them

For those that would be interested in joining!
I have been playing this game every round for almost 5 years now (middle of November if memory serves me correctly). I can help guide you in learning how to play the game so you aren't swamped in another alliance for new players or in the default alliance with high taxes that go nowhere. Here you will have time and support while you learn about the game and grow your account. The point of this alliance is to teach you to learn how to play the game and meet some other players. What I hope for is that by the end of the round, you enjoy playing as much as I do. If you feel you get a good grasp on the game, I encourage you to seek out bigger and stronger alliances, though I won't kick you out of my alliance. This is to help maintain the fun and friendly environment I know this community has.

Re: Alliance for new players (I'm doing this, not a proposal)

BoB will not abide by your requests, nor will they even consider them. lol. First thing they'll do is make a multi account to 'spy' on you.

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Re: Alliance for new players (I'm doing this, not a proposal)

I figured if I asked really REALLY nicely people would not completely kill off the game. Plus I heard BoB wasn't going to be around next round, so hopefully it shouldn't be a problem?

If anyone is actually interested, feel free to reply here or email me (click on my name, email posted there)

Re: Alliance for new players (I'm doing this, not a proposal)

Hmmm... not much of a response, if no one applies by 2 hours before the game starts, I'm going to close it.

Re: Alliance for new players (I'm doing this, not a proposal)

I agree with what you're saying biggre, it sounds like a really good idea. I would actually like to do the same or help out but i think your efforts will be in vain. Like Oponn said it'll just be a farm for ignorant people, and i've learned that they're way too many of those type of players here (you know who you are). Well let me know how it goes, id like to help out if you can make this work. Let me know

Re: Alliance for new players (I'm doing this, not a proposal)

Considering I just got my first application, I just might not have anyone join. I think it will work but we just don't have that many new players who come in.