Topic: Winning With Class

This is a question directed at BoB as to whether they know what "Winning with class" is.  Do you?  Also do you know what standing up to your word means?  You said about a week ago that you wouldn't be attacking people anymore and would be content to just let us all duke it out for third place, but for some reason the attacks haven't stopped.  We all understand how dominant you guys are, so the continued attacks are completely unnecessary.  I believe that it is stuff like this that has led to there being less and less accounts each round, and less and less activity.  You guys ruin all the fun of the remaining round by doing this, and it is pointless.  Not only do you not need mines, you also have absolutely no threats to your alliance losing.

So, I'm curious to see you reasoning as to why you continue these attacks.  Is it because you are bullied at school and in life, so you see the need to bully others?  Please discuss.  I think we need some controversial topic, such as how to play when you are winning, to liven things up in this dead forum.

Note:  When our alliance had a firm command last round, and realized we had won the round.  We made a truce and stopped attacking those around us as respect thing.  Perhaps you don't respect your opponent and cannot do that.  And this isn't me complaining about being attacked, it is merely questioning the reasoning behind it.  Thank you.

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Re: Winning With Class

I don't want to sound mean, but it is a game, and it's BoB. Did you honestly expect them to stop attacking when they said they would?

P.S. As long as Tidal isn't attacking you, should be ok <3

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