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Topic: Fun / fair

I know theres a topic about the same cause but I figured I wouldn't get Revan's attention unless he saw a new topic.

I have scanned 9 players out of the S.P.Q.R. alliance who all seem to be receiving funds from the main "bugged" account who happens to have

Number of Ore Mines: 16,777,215
Number of Uranium Mines: 16,777,215

With a tax of 75% it is shown how this has occurred.

The other 8 members have been allocated funds ranging from 2 billion to 100 million. It appears that all of these accounts have been using the funds for their own personal gain. Building troops and a fleet as well.

As for an explanation on how other alliances are ranked higher than those who have not used the bug: Alpha Squadron and Demented Kings.
The other alliances have apparently been given funds from the alliance S.P.Q.R.

Revan... how could your alliance be soo shallow? A veteran player such as yourself not having any control over the alliance in order to make those who actually DESERVED to win the round feel as if this was planned from the beginning.

Well goodluck in the following rounds guys because you won't need it if alliances continue to play shallow and try to give credit to others.

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Re: Fun / fair

Just like to say that in my opinion ONLY Alpha Squadron has truly played fair, because there is no way that Demented Kings did not recieve randoms at some time...not to mention that Xyn pulled off some major no nos in joining another alliance, getting their funds, then leaving...so, I would have to say only Alpha Squadron deserves the no cheating title for this round.

Note: just noticed you only said that those two alliances did not take advantage of SPQR bug...but my statement still stands round wise.

There's always a Dark Knight after a long day.

Re: Fun / fair

Yes, lets start the blame game now. Gauntlet didn't do anything wrong with any of the randoms and we played the entire round cleanly. We got resources after the round was declared over by Postal from another alliance.

Shadow, this isn't a bug, this is the blame game, take whatever you have to say to the appropriate forum, or better yet, to PMs so we all don't have to listen to you bicker.


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Re: Fun / fair

The dark Night- I understand exactly what your saying.. however Xyn only received ONE random and that was 800 transports at the beginning of the round. He then got offered safe keeping into another alliance and left Demented Kings then rejoined when he knew that Demented Kings were ready to support him and his score and more actives finally came into play. 

Biggre- I know that Gauntlet played fair but it still doesn't excuse why they used resources as they did. It shows character and how mature someone is to not use those resources to show they are better than others. I am aware though that you have not used any of those resources and I bow to you. It is inexcusable though for your alliance mates to use those resources as if it were to make the round fun.
Gauntlet is an amazing alliance led under Atnab (however I know that he didn't lead this round). I think that most people will agree that Atnab is by far the best leader for Gauntlet excluding his inactivity. 

Its just a shame however that Revan and his alliance used this round to show that they cannot take the pressure when it comes down to the end and even though the resources are there he figures he will have to use them in order to beat others. I hope he is reading this so he can avenge my words whenever I choose to return to the game.

I admit though that randoms are a complete waste in the game for skill will prove for those in my alliance that should be ranked in top ten only received randoms that hurt their mines and not the skill.  Take a look at most of the players inside Demented Kings and you will see that they all have strategically played the game because others were inadequate to challenge us in every way.

If anyone hasn't noticed yet you will see excellent players that still have a fighting chance in this game. This round was rather boring because once players with knowledge on whats going on will continue to attack and raid those that are not at the same level.

Me and the rest of the alliance as well as others are choosing to leave the game I believe for we think we have proven in back to back rounds that there is not a soul that can contest us in this game.

Thank you Dev Team for trying to stay on task and I'm pretty sure that I haven't seen Mystify in a while and I bow to all of you for trying to make the game as fun as you could.

This is one of the last times that I will write a message in this game and I think everyone will now be on an equal playing field in trying to avenge all these brutal beatings you have received over the last rounds.

Shadow... **signing off**

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Re: Fun / fair

I'm the guy from SPQR who got the random. I did not notice I got it until maybe a day or two later because I have been inactive lately. During that  time I had no idea my resources were being distributed to other players and being used.

I also have to say that Revan is not the treasurer and was not the one who distributed the resources. Based on what I read in the message boards, our treasurer already distributed a bunch of resources before Revan logged on and noticed the random. By then it was too late.

Many other people got similar randoms to the one I had, and I'm sure that SPQR was not the only alliance to take advantage of them. The Dev team eventually sorted out each one and the game returned to normal. I do not see why it was necessary to delete my account and the rest of SPQR when the Devs could have reset everything back to the way it was. It was their fault the random happened in the first place.

I started playing this game back in June, 2007 and I like it a lot. Since then it got more and more annoying. Lazy Devs that can't finish coding the game or start the round on time, various glitches, etc. This round has been a complete mess from the start. I've played legitimately all along and now I get thrown in the middle of all this because of a stupid random. I'm pretty certain that this will be my last round.

Re: Fun / fair

Doesn't matter. Revan was the leader and he shouldn't have allowed the tax to be set that way. He had no control over his alliance and he himself was building things with his resources. Fine then, blame it on your alliance mates.

I do notice however that not all the accounts from SPQR were deleted. In face I do believe one of them still has a very high score from the exploition of the bug. If you're saying that the devs deleted the accounts then why wouldn't they delete all the accounts that used the bug. Darwin had 300 million in score but he is still in the game with 500k. It almost sounds to me that you might be one in the same and using multiple accounts for you all to disappear in the same tick and not everyone was deleted.

If you had no knowledge of it.. then I can forgive you however it is still Revan who failed as a leader and to control his alliance.

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Re: Fun / fair

As to why only some of SPQR was deleted, I do not know, but I never played multiple accounts. I was Pte and Pte only. All I know is that earlier today I tried to log in and I couldn't. I thought they just deleted me because of the random. I recreated my account to rejoin SPQR, and that's when I realized they were gone.

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Re: Fun / fair

Shadow, ok you've gotten my attention- it's a tough thing to do you know, be very very ready to bask in it's glory.

I am the one who is to be held liable for "bug exploiting" or as some in your alliance might call it so ingeniously "pushing the boundaries to explore possibilities". We know what a great excuse that is- perhaps I can use it for myself but I don't care in the end. I am quite happy of what "possibilities" my handling of the "bug" has created- hey I was only trying to see how far I can go with it for beta testing purposes- I am quite sure you know what I mean.

As for my leadership skills or gamplay I don't think you're one to judge. I as the leader of SPQR sure blame it all on me for ruining for your round, shadow. I feel little if any remorse for it: I am glad for it, proud of it. You and your kind finally got what it deserved- I think, I'll even go as far to say I am sure the community will agree with me.

Let's not forget what Dark Knight's post states- for your sake and your alliance's let's not get into what fair gameplay is: you're not the prime example of "Fair Gameplay". It gives me shame to even utter your name and fair gameplay in the same breath (go to the link): http://forums.alliancewars.com/viewtopic.php?id=4563.

The past it's truths hurt huh? I am sure it does. It is Really really shallow for you and your alliance to even feel deserving to win a round especially this round because I thought randoms like you said are useless- that headstart of 800 transports well isn't that a clear example of no skill like you said? tsk tsk tsk I think it is a clear example of no skill. Think hard on this...  Most of these back to back winning rounds for you and your alliance have been bugged, underhanded, and etc.

Hmm The DevTeam (Postal) you did the easy thing deleting my account and then the accounts of my members. Perhaps not the right solution but the easy solution- there is no denying that. If the DevTeam was really on the ball shadow- they'd be able to put things back to normal before such randoms. I just see a lack of willingness there but the DevTeam are respectfully the creators of the game so I'll accept the punishment they've dealt- however unjust I know it is. Perhaps some of the community feels the same way I would assume.

If you haven't noticed most of the veterans including myself and my members have been playing but not like before when it meant truly meant something. I am more than sure that you know of the reasons why this has happened- your kind always seem to be involved in them. Past events before, during, after your time killed the game a long time ago.... Your kinds leaving of the game is a relief to all players I believe though perhaps too late for the game.

Don't let the door hit you on your way out: but it seems individuals like you always come slithering back from the shadows.

P.S.: As for Assassin's Creed and Gauntlet- I applaud them for their new rankings. I don't believe they should be held liable for anything as it was my fault as leader of SPQR who authorized the allocations. As for my return to playing the game seriously like back in the day upon your return- I don't think you should or ever for that matter witness, match, or surpass it- it's a luxury you'll be entitled to- not until I feel like it.

Remember to raise the bar but do not give into astonishment.

Re: Fun / fair

Bravo.. Good for you Revan.

It goes to show the lengths that one will go in order to cheat. As for the past round. There were no randoms and if you can check the topic. See who won everything.

You're kind makes it weak. The game is nothing but a pity party for you and the others. Actually I wished you would've attack my account for I know that I am the best player in the game and that luck had nothing to do with it. I was going to win this round even without the randoms help thanks to strategic planning on my alliance.

"You are the weakest link.. Goodbye"

Re: Fun / fair

You make way to many assumptions about things shadow. Like how you are the best player? I laugh at that because no "person" is the best player. For a single person to excel they'd have to have control of 3 or more accounts, but then that would be cheating now wouldn't it? And you know all about that. An Ogarth can't make successful attacks without the Slithin. The Slithin needs the defense of the Trankoor to attack with the Ogarth. The Trankoor can't attack by himself, especially without the Slithin. The rest of the races fall in between those two. From what I observed, almost every single person who tried to attack Gauntlet has either A) received funds from their alliance or B) gotten a random event. By no means making them the best player.

If you're going to leave, don't make drama. We're better off without it and without you if this is the way you're going to act. No one wants this, and this isn't the way we get any new players to stay.

On the topic of the Dev team. This is not your game. You did not pay for this game. You did not donate to the Dev team via their paypal link. The Dev team has lives outside of AW. They have not released a final version of this game yet. The game is still in BETA. They TOLD US a while back that their personal lives have become to busy to continue developing the game. At one point they were ready to SHUT DOWN the game. We are lucky to be playing it. It's people like you who put the game in jeopardy of being shut down, something I do not wish to happen as I still enjoy playing the game. You have no right to say anything over than "thank you for keeping the game up" to them. Like I said in the past, just be patient and they will fix the problem. And I was right, new round with no randoms.

You can't expect the alliance leader to be in control of all aspects of his alliance. He can't play all 10+ accounts. There is a thing called free will otherwise we'd have solved a lot of problems as a society. You can only blame a leader for the faults of his members to a certain extent. Who knows if his treasurer was new to the game, thought it was part of the game or was trying his best to exploit the bug. Revan can't control that.

What disturbs me the most is how you know how well you think you know Atnab. Coupled with the incident Revan had cited, which I had completely forgotten about really has peaked my curiosity. And you obviously don't know who runs the show and gets things done either, which again makes me laugh.

Whatever you and your "team" decide to do in their infinite "wisdom" is completely up to you. But whatever you decide, stop with all this crap. No one here wants it.


Re: Fun / fair

I can't believe I am here again: shadow let's make this one the last one-you're going to regret this.

You aren't the best player nor you and your kind ever match up or come close to surpassing the best players of the game. If you haven't noticed the best players of the game have either left or play leisurely not like when it counted. It is your kind that destroy the game for everyone. It is your kind that in the past, present, and after have resorted to cheating, bug exploiting, underhandness, and etc it doesn't end there- there is so much more. Digging up your kinds' past is not something you want me to do. Think really really hard about that.. and what embrassment it will bring.

I am quite happy that I ruined your round, shadow. You even said it yourself "was going to win" it seems you and your alliance had no strategic plan for my actions: Ha Ha ha.

I as the alliance leader of SPQR- I'll accept responsiblity for the actions my members took. I don't care shadow want you think of me but don't generalize another ridiculous assumption about the rest.

"You're the weakest link, shadow" Goodbye forever hopefully.

Let's all hope for the sake of the game that you and your kind slither back to wherever you came from.

Remember to raise the bar but do not give into astonishment.

Re: Fun / fair

Locked. This is not a forum for rants, in addition, pointless finger pointing and name calling achieves nothing. The round was clearly broken beyond all hope of redemption by the number of huge bugged random events.
The "I know that I am the best player in the game" comment did make me smile however tongue

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