Topic: Assassin's Creed

We are an alliance created for this round that plans to do as well as possible.  Currently we are looking for people to support our alliance. 
Our alliance has members currently from gauntlet, one member from the band, and the other members from the exploding sheep group from last round.

Our basic plan is to grow in strength and use ingenuitive tactics to advance as highly as possible.  We plan to use strategic planning to take on alliances and possibly use alliances with other alliances as well.

If you would like to join, please post a message here to formally ask to join.  Contact me then with an in-game message, and ask to join and we will invite you promptly and easily.  My name is Taltos for the in-game message service. 

Thanks for reading my requests, and good luck and have fun in the next round.

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Re: Assassin's Creed

We are in need of a Mossopp as an ambassador.  We could also use a Slithin as a Techie.  And any Balaneers, Ogarths, or Trankoors would be nice too.

There's always a Dark Knight after a long day.