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Sir Mordecae wrote:

Your l33tness is infinite Tidal.

You have seen the light.


Re: End of round

finally winning something guys, congratulations smile hopefully one day this game'll have a reasonable amount of players again and i 'll see if you guys can match up. but i guess that scenario's not likely to happen any time soon looking through the lack of activity here. real shame.

winning shouldn't be this easy.

Re: End of round

yes jer. last 2 rounds was way to easy. within 2 weeks round was over. we played this round becouse we thought lop would be back. and we would have a round finaly again. to bad that didnt happen and aw seems die die. sad

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Re: End of round

Im playing currently another game so no time to get LoP running and get old players in it. And yes, shame that the only enemy we had on every round was tidal/emuk and their supporters... it gets pretty boring to beat the same enemy everytime. But we'll be looking in here time to time and if there comes more players in, LoP might come back to rule the galaxy again.