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At the same time... is this a bug or is this meant to count the other 2 in as members that have not been accepted yet ?

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It counts the other 2 that have not been accepted yet.
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cool thanks.

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imho, it shouldnt count them as they arn't in the alliance yet. Maybe there are other people that want to apply for the alliance and now they can't because there are others waiting to be accepted by the leader who hasnt accepted or declined?

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Well applicants who send in an application count towards the total alliance size, even if they haven't been accepted or declined. If one alliance has 7 members and the cap is 10, and 3 applicants send in applications- it will add up to 10(alliance is full). This leads to other applicants being unable to send in applications until A) alliance cap rises, B) applicants that got before Person X are declinded, or C) member(s) is/are kicked. Simply like Postal said in your case, Kelmos, the 2 applicants have been accounted for via the alliance size.

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