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Topic: Havoc Glitch?


I've been playing AW for two years now, on and off, and I've missed a lot of the changes recently, like the Havoc round. They were only first testing them when I stopped playing.

Anyway, I've noticed in this Havoc round that I started with only about 130,000 ore and uranium, and that there is really no way for me to boost my level to have a fleet of crazy numbers. Is this a glitch, or is it because I selected Baleenar as my race? I've only seen Ogarth.


EDIT: And I started with no mines.

Re: Havoc Glitch?

In order to get in on the goods of havoc you have to have created an account before havoc started... accounts created after the start of the game don't get the havoc benefits.

Tho maybe they should...

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Re: Havoc Glitch?

the problem is: if you get the resources when you start late you could blow up your planet and make a new account. I'd be in favour of say a 48h window where new accounts get the havoc start.

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