Topic: Killing rates changed?

When I as (Balenar) defended my planet my rippers killed transports at constant rate below 0.5 trans/ripper.

Lately I (together with a few ships from a friend) attacked a Slithin with the following results:

(Attacker ships/lost - Defender ships/lost)
Scouts 340 3 0 0
Transp 24 24 0 0
Barges 99 0  0 0
Rippers 243 0 64 42
Cordovas 20 0 0 0
Dominat. 7 0 0 0

Either his rippers striked before they were hit by the scouts and cordovas or his remaining 22 rippers killed more than 1 trans/ripper.

Has anybody a good explantion for me?

Re: Killing rates changed?

Refer to that thread.  Every ship in combat fires and then losses are totalled.  This is not quite correct, but it explains why the "dead" rippers killed transports.

Re: Killing rates changed?

It is very confusing ,but the round is over all we can do is wait till the next one and see what the manual team can dig out of the devs *shrug*