Topic: Ghosts Of The Peer Board

Allright, in this thread i will try my best to keep you all up to date on official policies adopted by the Peer Review Board.

Current Board Members:
Zerth - Chairman of the Board
Ensignman - Co-Chair, Forum Leader
All Dev's have access to the Peer forum, and may, or not, vote at thier descretion.

All Senior Mods have access to the Peer Pannel Forum, but are not, strictly speaking members of the pannel(unless they are actually members of the pannel).

1.) Current Names

Example: Tony Blair of England

The names of current nations, major cities, and political figures will not be allowed, names of companies, coportaions and products are also no longer allowed(we see you beer of heineken).  People, such as pop-culture icons, who are *real* persons are also not allowed.  Essentially, any famous real-world person's name is out.  If these are seen by the Board, they will be renamed immediatly.

2.) Double Names

Example: Jimmy of Jimmy, Arthur of Arthur's Castle

The first example is right out, and coded out.  Essentially, if your planet name mimics a recognizable element of the ruler name( a single word, or 5 or more consecutive characters contained within a word), it will be changed.

3.) Drug Refernces

Example: Stoned of Cocaine

Illegal drug names, drug terms, pariphenalia(sp?) are right out.  As to pharmacuticals, please try and avoid them.

4.) Human Body Parts - As planet names

Example: Captain Cool of Left Foot

They are allowed, but expect them to be reviewed closely, as in, if you choose to name yourself after part of the human body, your planet name will be put up for a vote infront of the Pannel.

5.) Website/Domain Names

Example: Jim of

Verbs, Adverbs, or Adjectives as Planet/Ruler names

Example: Running of Yellow

These are out, we aren't saying you can't have an adjective in your name (such as Red Plague), but that you can't simply BE an adjective, adverb or verb.

Accounts found in violation of these rules will be re-named by the Peer Pannel.  If you do not like the new name assigned to your ruler/planet(we use the same random name generator that ALL players have access too during sign-up) then mail 0:1 with (several) suggestions of new planet/ruler combinations.

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Re: Ghosts Of The Peer Board

If you need to contact the peer board for any reason, there are 2 easy ways to do it

1) Mail us in-game at account 0:1

This is best use for questions specifically relating to your account such as;

Are my planet/ruler names acceptable? or, Why did you change my planet/ruler name?

For the record, 99% of the people that ask that question are directed to this thread

2) Ask your question in the general discussion forum

Best you for general questions about the peer board, please dont actually add replies in this thread.

Life is the teacher,
Pain is the lesson,
Scars are your diploma.

Re: Ghosts Of The Peer Board

Also, if you happen to come by a name that you find offensive or dumb you are more than welcome to message their coords and name and an explanation if it need be (unless it's that rampantly stupid) to the peer panel account, as mentioned above, 0:1.

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Re: Ghosts Of The Peer Board

Postal has requsted that the peer pannel relax their standards a bit, and we have this round, and in subsequent rounds.

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Pain is the lesson,
Scars are your diploma.

Re: Ghosts Of The Peer Board

Peer Pannel actions and Hidden Planet Code

Given the nature of the hidden planet code, changes made by the peer pannel are not visable on the universe screen until the planet in question is scanned agian.

This should, in no real way effect much of anything, but don't freak out if you arrive at a planet, and it has a different planet/ruler name then it did when you launched.

We are currently working on a method to provide real-time corrections in planet/ruler name that can work in harmony with the HPC.

Life is the teacher,
Pain is the lesson,
Scars are your diploma.