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I've set up a shop on for Alliance Wars.  This is an online shop and I have not actually seen any of the products for real, so I can't say how good the quality is.  I've kept the prices as low as possible.

I want to stress the following:
This is done entirely through  If you have problems with orders deal with them.  The Alliance Wars team has nothing to do with the quality, shipping or refunds of the merchandise.

Here's the linky:
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Re: Alliance Wars Merchandise

those are AWSOME....

I really like the no smacktards T-shirt, I may *just* have to get one.

but to be honest, I REALLY want the ball cap... it's just outside my budget.

however, one thing I would LOVE beyond all love to get is an AW DEV TEAM ball cap.

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Re: Alliance Wars Merchandise

Hmmm....I *do* need a new mousepad.

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Re: Alliance Wars Merchandise

I would get a pimp Tee shirt if the dev team modeled them...