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I was originally writing this for some friends in another game who are trying AllianceWars but it got a little long, so I figured it'd be better to post in the forums than to take all the space in the empire board. This is written from my knowledge (which, admittedly, is not much) and the manual page has exact stats and more info. You can find that here and the information on which ships each race can build is here.

Artif is now partially coded but still a very difficult race to play, most players will not want to choose to be Artif. All technology costs are 25% cheaper. This helps in the starting period of the round where mines are also cheaper. Later on, they may produce large amounts of ships. However, their troops are only average and extremely expensive. Automatic disadvantage when defending. Holds the special ability of immunity to Mossop Persuasion. Can hold the Treasurer postion in the alliance.

Lilnosa only has one race advantage coded, to sabotage attacking fleets. It has automatic disadvatage in defending and cannot build many ships but has a high attack effeciency.  Can hold the position of Intel Officer.

Trankoor are the best defenders in the game but have been reported to have slow travelling times so the trankoor will have to be active and ready to check the CIC often. Be advised, some people launch fleets at the very end of an hour to try and gain a tick over the defenders. This race has access to two ships exclusive to this race and Ogarth.  Can hold the Admiral position in the alliance.

Ogarth are the most fearsome attackers but have poor resource production effeciency so activity is a must as the player will have to try and make up for it by raiding other players for their mines and/or resources. This race has access to two ships exclusive to this race and Trankoor.  Can hold the Admiral position.

Baleenar are a very popular race amongst players as they have average stats for combat and can out-produce any other race in mining resources. While they can't compete against the Trankoor and Ogarth players, this race will do fairly well for the alliance as both defenders and attackers. If they're not up to that, they can always be a provider of resources to the alliance.  Can hold the Treasurer position.

Please post any information I have missed or any suggestions. I don't know Mossopp, Slithin, or Rogorate very well so I have not put anything down. I ask players experienced in those races to please contribute especially.
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Thanks Fancy! His race summary contributions:

Rogorate is the only race with the ability to start an alliance. Excellent troops, but poor resource production. No other special abilities. Not worth playing unless planning to run an alliance.

Mossopp have the ability to turn attacking fleets around so long as they have a fleet defending the planet. This is helpful when you're under attack as the Mossopp, but rarely helps alliance mates. Chances of turning the fleet around aren't great, but it could be worse. Main advantage is the fact that they're the only race able to hold the Ambassador position, which is required to form in game Non Aggression Pacts.

Slithin is a highly effective team player. Poor at attacking and defending, the Slithin excels only in the category of technology. Have access to Deep Fleet and Deep Troop scans (allow to see movements of fleets/troops, respectively) and the Alliance Scan, which shows the alliance of another member. Can hold the Tech Minister position, which currently doesn't have coded abilities. Will be able to get super-cool alliance wide technology once coded.

PS - I'm not playing anymore so keep this updated with your own posts, please. Are the automatic defense disadvantages still there?

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Re: Race Overview (Updated August 4th)

just to clarify as an updeate

Artif are now semi-coded

an advantage early on they have now is that
all tech costs are 25% cheaper
meaning they are often the first to be able to attack
although the mian problem is their troops are way more expensive.
and with only average troops this is a major problem in later stages.

mines are cheaper, at start too.

later on they have an advantage in numbers of ships they can produce, this can help in both attack and defence, but relativly defending your mines is very hard.

would only suit an active player who is constantly attacking, reliying on stealing mines rather than protecting them.

artif s main targets being the mossopps as mossop troops are by far the worst, requires the artif special ability
Immunity to mossopp persuasion.

Re: Race Overview (Updated August 4th)

as fancy said, artifs are mostly useless. an artif would only survive if they had an active, tough, and large alliance there to defend them constantly.

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