Topic: A Message To Some Of The Newer Members

Right off the bat, I'll say this: this thread has nothing to do with how to create an alliance, how to be successful, etc.

I have been here at Alliance Wars for a long time now.  In that time, I have seen the rise and fall of many alliances.  There are a few things I have noted among each of them, and I wish to leave a few tips for a couple of you newer players.

Creating An Alliance: If you create an alliance, run it the whole round.  Creating an alliance, disbanding, then creating a new one, then merging, etc. is quite silly.  If you're going to put in the effort to create an alliance, at least make it worth while to create.

Joining Alliances: Join an alliance, and stay a while.  Just because they are off to a rough start doesn't mean you should jump ship.  You don't need 18 different alliances all in the same round.

Bashing Alliance Starters: If someone has done the afforementioned "Creating an Alliance" no-no of starting, quitting, etc. don't feel you need to take it upon yourself to make fun of them, tell them off, be rude, etc.  Just because they haven't figured out what they are doing doesn't mean they need to be bashed.

Talking About Alliances: If you haven't got anything nice to say, it tends to be best to say nothing at all.  If you don't know whether something you said will be taken as the joke it was meant to be, it tends to be best to say nothing at all.  Be polite, and they will be polite back.

Politics on Forums: Don't sit and talk, back and forth, in threads about your alliance about a possible merge.  Take it to a PM, or use IRC/MSN/AIM/Yahoo/ICQ.
There are all sorts of alternatives.  Use them.

Alliance Advertising: If you want to advertise your alliance, make a thread.  You already have a thread?  Great, you're all set.  Don't feel you need to advertise in 3/4 of the active threads on the board.  I am sure if someone is looking for an alliance, they'll skim the recruitment threads.

Advertising in Another Alliance's Thread: This is a no-no.  Don't do it.  It's that simple.

Having Arguments With Forum Members: If it looks like you'll be having an extended forum argument, don't.  Take it to PM/IRC/AIM/Yahoo/ICQ, or don't have it at all.  No one likes to sit there reading two people arguing and whining, especially about stupid things.

Respect Others: You expect everyone who uses the forums to respect you, so please show an equal level of caring.  If you respect them, chances are good they'll respect you.  (Unless you can't spell or are in the habit of saying brutally stupid things.)

Respect Knowledge: Many people playing this game have been here longer than you.  I suggest you respect their knowledge, because they probably know what they are talking about.  There is a good player base of knowledgeable, friendly people willing to offer help with whatever you need.  Ask nicely, and you're bound to receive.

The Moderating Team/Name Committee: These people are volunteering their time to, hopefully, make your gaming experience and that of the other players better.  Don't give them a lot of crap for no reason.  Be kind, because no one likes to have to put up with crap, especially those who get nothing in return.

I'm In Need of Help: Try reading the Manual, and the [url]'' target='_blank'[/url] before asking a question.  Also, check to make sure someone else hasn't already asked the question.  When you pose a question, use a title that is at least somewhat descriptive.  Like Zerth says in the Pinned thread on the Newbie Help forum...."I lost my resources, fo shizzle?" doesn't help us understand the problem, nor does it help anyone else find that the same question has already been posted.

My Best Bud Uses the Forums Too: Just because Joe, your bestest bud, uses the forums doesn't mean you need to carry on personal, one on one conversations with him about what you're doing this weekend.  Use the PM function.  I admit that yes, I have in the past been guilty of this one wink

Feeling Like Sharing: We certainly encourage you to share funny stories, jokes, etc.  But, if you do so, please use the Off Topic forum, and keep it clean.  It's hard enough for the mods to do their jobs without stuff posted in the wrong places, and having to edit words.

I'm sure there's something I've missed.  Perhaps I'll come by and edit it later if I think of it.  These are general ideas of behaviour for the forums.  I can't tell you how to behave, but I can give you a set of rules that I, myself, attempt to follow.  Many alliances and players come and go.  Those worth staying follow these codes of conduct.  What it all comes down to is this: be polite, respectful, and, at times, just keep your mouth shut.

This is just a little thing I've been thinking about recently in light of a few posts by a few of the newest members to these forums.  Thanks for your time.  I'll be more than happy to answer questions, so ask.


Re: A Message To Some Of The Newer Members

A 2 minute skim on that stuff Fancy is well worth the time  big_smile

Mucho gracias for something to read for us newbies.

You did what, to who, for how many jellybeans?