Topic: Issues regarding Moderators/Moderation

Allright, this issue has not really come up(much), but has reared it's head a few times, and has lead to some discussion on the Moderator forums.  To this end a policy/rule has been created.

If a moderator has taken an action you take exception to(regarding a post/comment you have made on these forums), you are to take the matter up with said moderator, in a Pm on this forum(this will leave proof, unless you delete said message).  If you and the moderator in question cannot come to a satasfactory end, take the issue up with myself, Zerth, the Head Moderator, again, in forum PM fashion.  If you are still unable to reach a satasfactory conclusion, then, and ONLY then, take the issue to one of the Dev members, once agian in Forum PM.

Assuming you havent deleted forum convos with the moderator(s) in question, Dev will be able to access, and review them.

At no point should you attack a moderator or a moderators action on the public forum.


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