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NOTE: This is the latest rough draft (with no links or pretty formatting) of the Newbie FAQ, which was posted to the Manual on June 2nd.

The Newbie FAQ

Number of questions addressed: 19.
Time spent (mostly by Renegade Master) writing, compiling, editing, and updating this: Who knows?
Getting the info you need to make it on the Top 50 rankings: Priceless.
There are some things resources and tech points can't buy.
For everything else, there is the Newbie FAQ.

This was originally posted on the AllianceWars Forums. It has been moved and modified to be a part of the manual. It is suggested that you read the rest of the Manual before proceeding with reading this FAQ, or posting on the forums.

Remember: This game is in Beta! That means sometimes things such as what's required to steal resources or mines can unexpectedly change due to bugs or code changes.

Any further questions can be posted on the forums under the Newbie Help forum.

Before You Actually Start Playing

Q: Ahh...the Target Order table scares me! How do I read it?

A: Any box that has a number in it means that the ship on the left can attack the ship in the top row. The number in each row tells you what order the ship on the left attacks in. For example: A scout attacks fortresses, continentals, scouts, and rippers, in that order.

Q: This sucks, do I really have to use X tech points to build Y building/technology/ships/troops?

A: Alliance Wars is one of many tick based online strategy games. Each tick is one hour. With each tick that goes by, things like resource production, building, attacking, and defending progress. Each tick gives you 100 tech points, which can be used to build new researches and constructions. Don't like the concept or have the attention span of a fly on crack? Then go get a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game at your local computer store.

Q: When I click on sign-up, it says they are closed. When will they re-open?

A: Check the Forum Announcements regularly to see when signups start again.

Q: How does a speed game work?

A: Speed games are started after regular games at the Dev Team's discression. They last for 72 hours (3 days), ticks occur faster (like every 10 minutes), usually start on a Friday, and are posted in the Forum Announcements.

Let Me In!

Q: I have been playing for a while, but haven't logged in for 2 weeks. Why can't I login?

A: Your account was most likely deleted due to inactivity. Periodically the game removes accounts that haven't been logged into for a period of 1 week. They can be recovered for up to 4 days after that time. However, once the 11 days are up, the acount cannot be recovered in any way. Create a new account, and try logging in more often.

Q: I just logged in recently! It hasn't been a week, and I'm getting an "Unknown User" message. What's wrong?

A: More than likely, the round has ended. A new round may have started, or speed round testing. Check the forums for more details into the possible problem. If there are no announcements regarding this possibility, ask for help.

Q: Ok, it's neither of those. Are you going to let me play this game?

A: If you still haven't been successful, you are more than likely encountering an error with software that doesn't get along. See the announcements and quick fix on the Forums. If you are running Norton Internet Security, this could be your problem. Look here if you have 2003, or here if you're running 2004.

Cruising the Universe

Q: If my 4 fleets aren't in the process of or on their way to attacking or defending a planet, are they defending my planet?

A: Yes, they would be defending your planet as if they were "at home".

Q: What does ETA mean, and what does it do?

A: ETA stands for Estimated Time of Arrival, or, in other words, how many ticks (hours) it will take your fleet to arrive. The number of ticks, or your ETA, will drop by one every hour on the hour, until it reaches 0. At that point, your fleet will fight at every 30 minutes past the tick, until the fleet returns home. The reason it is ETA and not TA is that the number drops by one on every hour. A fleet launched at 00:15 and 00:48 will land at the same time, if they have the same initial ETA.

Q: What happens to someone if all their troops, ships, mines and resources have been either destroyed or stolen? Does their account close? Do they start over with nothing?

A: Sucks to be you! But don't worry, your account won't get deleted just because of your terrible misfortune. You will still have a score equivalent to the number of total tech points you have (used or unused). Start rebuilding! A planet generates 100 ore and uranium per tick, even if it doesn't have any mines. Any advanced resource production technologies do not add to this.

Production and Deconstruction

Q: How much resources do X mines produce per tick?

A: (Number of mines)*Output Percentage + 100=Resources produced per tick. This has to be calculated seperately for each type of resource. Initial output percentage starts at 100%. This can be increased up to 130% depending on what race you choose.

Q: What happens when I recycle/decommission troops or ships?

A: A: Doing this gets rid of a number of troops or ships of your choice. In return, you get 30% of the resources that you paid for them.

Q: If I recycle mines, how much resources will I get back?

A: You will get 1000 resource of the type of mine you recycled. 1 Ore Mine produces 1000 ore, and 5 Uranium Mines would produce 5000 uranium.

Q: How does Ore or Uranium resource trading work?

A: Individual player can only send up to 25% of each resource type to the alliance fund at one time, unless sending only 1000 units or less. You specify how many units of a particular resource you want to send to the alliance fund, click send, and they will take 4 hours to make it to the fund, without any fees (unlike Pay Pal). If you cancel the donation while it is still "en route", you will get the resources back instantly. Once in the fund, the Treasurer will be able to distribute it to anyone in the alliance.
Note: Only the alliance treasurer is able to distribute resources from the alliance fund. He can either send them to individual players in your own alliance or to the alliance fund of another alliance.

Q: I just finished building troops/ships/mines, why hasn't my score gone up?

A: One of two things is happening: The Dev Team doesn't like you, or your score is calculated before the things are built. So your score will go up next tick. Ships are worth 1/10 the amount of resources it took to build them. So if you build a scout (1000 ore, 500 uranium) then you'd get 150 points because 150 = (1000+500) * 0.1. Troops are worth 3 points each, mines are worth 300 each, and resources are 1/20 each. (Courtesy of NighT and Toth!)

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Q: Am I able to attack other people in my in-game alliance?

A: No, you cannot. If you really want to, the leader will need to kick them out of your alliance.

Q: How does a NAP work, and what is it?

A: A NAP is a Non-Aggression Pact. Basically it's a deal signed between two alliances agreeing that you will not attack each other's members. If you attempt to attack a member of a NAP'ed alliance, the game will warn you that you are attempting to do so, but you will need to manually retreat your fleet to stop the attack.

Q: How do I form a NAP?

A: Only the alliance Ambassador can form a NAP. If the alliance loses it's Ambassador at any time, for any reason, all current NAPs are cancelled. For this reason it is good to ensure you have a reliable Ambassador who will be playing with your alliance the entire round. The Ambassador also has the ability to revoke NAPs.

Q: What's the use of alliance tech points?

A: Alliance tech points do not serve any in-game functions at this time.

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Allright, if you have a question, simply ask it on the board, if we feel it belongs in the FAQ, a mod can take care of adding it.

If you feel there is information that you have, not a question, that should be included, I'd suggest dropping a mod a PM here on the board.

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Re: Newbie FAQ (Updated May 27th)

ETA stands for estimated time of arrival.... it is the number of ticks that must pass before your fleet arrives at its destination.


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Re: Newbie FAQ (Updated May 27th)

One transport can carry 1000 troops. Homever it's not good to load them full because if you don't have enough transports after the battle the troops that can't fit in transports become Missing In Action.

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Re: Newbie FAQ (Updated May 27th)

Hmm... Interesting question. I think you should ask Dev Team about it.

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Re: Newbie FAQ (Updated May 27th)

how many hours/minutes/secs are in a tick

Re: Newbie FAQ (Updated May 27th)

Each tick is an hour, I don't know if it's changed since the move but it took about 3-5 mins for the tick to actually finish sfter the hour (well, did on my clock) tongue There's also battle ticks in the middle of normal ticks.

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Re: Newbie FAQ (Updated May 27th)

What is the point in the troop and fleet decomissioner?

Re: Newbie FAQ (Updated May 27th)

They destroy the troops and ships you throw in them and give you resources... You get 30% for recycling either ships or troops.

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What are Tech points or whatever. :huh:

Re: Newbie FAQ (Updated May 27th)

Tech points are used for any reserach.  To get a new technology, you will need to devote a certain number of tech points.  You can read more <a href='' target='_blank'>here.</a>