Topic: Continuation issues

I just list the issues from the top of my head. Feel free to comment.

- Who will be the team?

- Source code versioning/management (Source Integrity?, Subversion/Trac?, Git?, CVS?)
-- Submitters?
-- Who uploads the source trunk to the game and when?
-- Testing? Unit testing? Test/beta/alpha site?
-- Adoption of Eclipse PHP (seems to be evolved a lot) and integration to?

- Issue tracking
-- Source Integrity?, Bugzilla?, Trac?, Forum?

- Development decision making

- Running costs
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Re: Continuation issues

Well, Mordie and I got bored of waiting so we begun making our own ticking space blow-stuff-up game from scratch. I won't try and promote anything on your forums.

If you ever get off the ground with this open source I'd be happy to help but it honestly doesn't look like anything will come from this from my perspective...


Re: Continuation issues

Running cost- I'll donate $15 a month.
Testing- I'll test as well

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Re: Continuation issues

I'm a CS student with lots of free time, and would be more than happy to be a submitter and do testing.