Topic: Video Games

What other games do you guys play? I've already listed my 360 games....
I also play urban dead, 5 characters on there... 5 characters on guild wars...

anyone know of any other mmorpgs? that are free to download/play? that don't require a powerful system?

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Re: Video Games

I used to play Tibia, free MMORPG with more areas/spells/other stuff for those that want to subscribe. What I like about it back when I played was that your skills were directly proportional to the amount of time spent working on them or using a weapon of that type (swords, axes, clubs, fists, distance, magic, shielding) so you could level up really fast but have a weak char or work on your skills and have an almost unbeatable low level char.

Games I currently play:
Kingdom of Loathing, text based RPG that makes fun of everything.
Darkthrone - TBG, attack people for gold, gain levels gain access to different weapons
Infantry - Old school game, lots of different zones with different settings, something for everyone.