Topic: Alliance Score Bug?

Once our alliance Tax was turned on to 10% our alliance score super jumped to 1,410,705,532 and our resources did this ALLIANCE ORE: 14,092,991,268 ALLIANCE URANIUM: 14,092,995,478

I know this can't be right...........this is cause for us to be attacked when we aren't ready yet we already have a fleet of over 3500 ships coming at one of us and some of us barely have 200 ships..

Re: Alliance Score Bug?

1:240 is in your alliance with a score of 0. He has a mine count of over 16,000,000 mines of each. Once the tax was turned on.. This caused your alliance score to jump significantly. Theres really nothing else wrong with it. I'm just hoping you're not using those resources because thats exploiting and you will be penalized.