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When is the next round scheduled to start?

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hehe you guys even want to play a game which has no competition or active devs?

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Desp has a point

beta 0.8a - 1:11 - Lunifeste of Narnia - Rank 7, beta 0.8b - 1:689 - Nimue of Lac - Rank 6, beta 0.8c - 1:919 - Meli of Ssa - Rank 7, beta 0.8d - 1:383 - Loren of Bells - Rank 3, beta 0.8h - 1:820 - Lunifeste of Taliesin - Rank 6, beta 0.8i - 1:877 - Merciless Tyrant of Certain Online Forum - Rank 5

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While there might not be any Lit's, LoPers or BoB's there is still some competition among the middle tier (in activeness) players.

And to answer your question, yes.

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when is the next round schedule upcoming...?

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Saturday August 11, 2012 - 12:00 Game Time

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