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Topic: Does defender fire first?

I think that defending troops fire first, but do defending fire before attacking ships?  I know it says that they fire at the same time in the manual, but I heard differently.

Re: Does defender fire first?

i think the defenders get first hit, but then it probably only depends on the amount of fleets that are involved on either side.

Re: Does defender fire first?

Oh ok, thanks.

Re: Does defender fire first?

All the ships fight at the same time.

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Re: Does defender fire first?

but some attack before other right?

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Re: Does defender fire first?

There is a firing order of what fires  at what and when, but both attackers and defenders fire at the same time.

-Edit: Here is the page of the firing order.

All ships fire according to Firing Order Table which you can see below. The lower the firing order, the earlier the ship fires.
Scout    1
Cordova    2
Ripper    3
Continental    4
Transport    5
Fortress    6
Dominator    7
Barge    (8)

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