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Yeah, it's been a while since I posted. But I have been trolling the forums keep a very close eye on all of you - don't not think I haven't. But 2007 has been bar none the worst year of my life. Dealing with a very messy divorce and the lose of my children and generally having my life completely destroyed will do that you.

But enough about the nostalgia....

When I do have the kids, I love doing things which are fun.
Alot of you from the old days would remember Beaker (from CoFR) and I and our Ban Hammer of Wrath +1. (and I lost the render I did of it... BOOOOO)

anyway.... since I already had a (virtual) melee weapon in my arsenal, I decided it was time to add a range weapon.

I present to you:

The Trebuchet of Death +1
(sorry for the low quality - youtube did the conversion from .mov, not me)

This is actually the Mark II model. You can check out the pictures of the Mark I in action, and the mistakes I made in construction on my facebook album here: Facebook hosting is good.

The following weekend, I took the Mark I apart and did some modifications, like making the main vertical supports closer so the bar doesn't bend, and adding a counter weight basket system instead of letting them hang free.

The Mark II was AWSOME.
View the Mark II images here.

In the above shot, the ammo was a small ball about 6 inches in size, I chose this so if I hit anyone/anything I wouldn't do any damage. I fired it, but it failed to clear the power lines, but based on the initial angle, it would have cleared the road and made the neighbors yard EASILY.

This shot cleared the power lines clearing (right between them) and landed *just* on the other side of the road and bounced into the yard across the way.

I can't wait to move onto a full scale one. But I think I will stick with the smaller ones - safer and the kids can play with them.

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Re: It's been a while.

sorry to hear you had to deal with a messy divorce and the lose of your children.
Wish you all the luck to make the rest of the year better smile
That trebuchet looks cool man, i might make one for my own to play with.
Maybe the kids at the scouts like something like that cool

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wow looks cool big_smile
/me knows what to build in his vacation soon tongue

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Re: It's been a while.

haha awsm stuff man.

Is that your underwear used in the sling ? wink

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Mystify wrote:

It's been a while.

that it has.