Topic: good day lads :)

Hello all,

Today I was bored again and came by this forum again.
Hows things goin in AW life?? The new code out yet??
When I'm back from vacation its time to play a round  again smile
Is it still as active as usual btw or just LoP pwning everyone?? tongue

Greetings from the Terran Marine Commander,  Desperro AKA SparroW

Re: good day lads :)

Hello- nothing much has changed. There is no code out yet. Although the UP has bashed increased to 30% and tax to 20%. LOP is still on top and activity couldn't be lower hmm That pretty much sums it up.

Remember to raise the bar but do not give into astonishment.

Re: good day lads :)

Activity is lower, CC left sad