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Hey everyone. I have several friends in this community and I was hoping you could lend me some insight or advice in buying a new laptop. I've been searching around for Viao's, Macs, HP, Toshiba, and random custom laptops websites to try and find the "best-deal" on a laptop. And as some of you may have guessed, my results are inconclusive, which leads me here to ask a community of gamers.

So, Basically, the deal is I need a gaming laptop w/ a max price of about 1550 dollars. I'm not looking to buy the next world behemoth in laptop gaming, but hopefully something better than the desktop I have:

--HP Media Center m260n Desktop PC
--Windows XP Media Center
--2.6Ghz Pentium 4 w/ Hyperthreading
--800 MHz Front side
-- 512MB RAM
--GeForce MX 440 NV18 with 64 MB memory, 8X AGP, and S-Video out.

So... basically, I have a piece of crap. I'm trying to look for something in a laptop more like:

--2.0ghz Core 2 Dual Processor
--Nvidia or ATI graphics w/ 256 or 512MB minimum on board memory

If ya'll can lend me any advice as to dual-core vs single-core processors, AMD vs Intel. Or just reference me to a company that you bought a great laptop from, it would be really appreciated. TYVM.


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[from another forum and another user]

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Here's a VERY good site:

The forums are hugely useful for research and reading what owners have to say. The thing to be aware of is that there are actually only a few laptop makers:

Quanta, Compal, Asus, MSI, Uniwill and Clevo, and that's basically it (there are others, but these brands have market dominance).

Almost all of the others you hear of, like Dell, Alienware, Falcon Northwest, Voodoo etc are actually made by one of the above names.


Sager NP9750,
Voodoo Envy u:709,
Alienware Aurora m7700,
Hypersonic Aviator FX7

They are basically all the same computer, which means if you buy a high end Sager you get the same innards as a Alienware at about 40% the price!

Sager NP9890,
Falcon Northwest FragBook DR6800,
Alienware MJ-12 m7700i,
Voodoo Envy u:703,
Hypersonic Aviator EX7

Sager NP5950
Alienware Aurora mALX 19" SLI
Voodoo Envy u:909

Sager NP5760
Voodoo Envy u:734
Hypersonic Aviator CX7



Compal HEL80 =
Voodoo Envy I:534
Hypersonic Aviator MV6.

Quanta =

Dell's Latitudes
Sony's Vaio
IBM's (Levnovo) laptops.

ASUS does make their own laptops, so their support is simply top notch. You are dealing direct with the OEM for support. No one is going to know the product better. Of course they're known for all their other parts as well. Mainboards, video, etc

MSI, similar to Asus, makes their own laptops.

There are a few others, such as FIC, Mitac, ECS, AOpen and Gigabyte, but some of them don't sell direct to you and others are lower end stuff.

The point here, is that if you want a very nice laptop, don't go the way of the Boutique makers or ginormous companies that just slap their label on and then outsource support to India.

Instead, go to the OEMs or one of the smaller online shops and you can get a MUCH better deal on the same equipment.

I currently have a gov't bought Dell XPS M1710. which is very speedy and can play HL2 pretty much completely maxed out at 105fps. So yes, it's fast.

The other side of the coin is, it's 17" laptop and weighs 10lbs or so. Consequently, if you are travelling a lot, you may want to consider other options.

If you are wanting to game, and want to travel a lot, your best bet right now is probably an Asus G1. They can be had for about 2K. It has good resolution, can be used with a larger monitor, and weighs about 7lbs with power supply. 15.4" widescreen style display and an Nvidia GeForce7700. I'm almost certainly buying one later this month.

If you are NOT as mobile, able to leave your laptop someplace for days or weeks, then consider one of the 17" Sagers. It is simply the best bang for your buck.

A couple of US sites (useful for pricing and spec-ing)

Personally the Core2Duo is the way to go. I got one at work and the raw processing power tops everything I've seen so far.
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Wow. Ok... i <3 you now. first search result on google gave me a computer better equipped than best laptop i looked at for about 500 bucks cheaper.... hurray for gamer communities

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Don't get Windows Media Center.  If you don't want Vista, you can probably still get XP Pro.

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XP Media Center is more or less XP Pro with the Media Center application. Far better than Home. Don't know about Vista though.
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Vista's alright.  It adds some functionality that XP and previous versions lacked.  For example, you can now make hard and symbolic links, whereas you could only make shortcuts before.  Since it comes on most new laptops, it's probably a good idea to get Vista.

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Symlinks were on XP and I believe in Win2000 too. They were called "junctions" and there was no public Microsoft made tools to use them even though the Windows api support is there... Sysinternals had a tool for them though.

Also Vista is not ready for serious use for a long time. I won't be upgrading to it anytime soon (read: in 1-3 years, Crysis could change that though).
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there is an mklink command built into dos, which has gotten marginally more functional btw.  However, this command is not available in all Vista versions, even though it shows up when you type "help."  I know that Vista Home Basic does not support it, but I do not know about Vista Home Premium.  This sums up Vista quite nicely, I think.

I'va always wanted to change my name to 'DROP *' and see what kind of havoc would ensue.