Topic: "I want to join an alliance but nobody will let me in"

This is a quite common question, and I don't see it on the board here now. New players often say the existing alliances will not let them in. I have a few tips here that might help you.

1) If you simply click the join button without further comment, 90% of the rogorates will refuse your application
2) The 10% that will accept you, are most likely spy-infested alliances, and you probably don't want to be in them
3) If you contact the rogorate and message him with the reasons you want to join, odds of being accepted are increased
4) If you add ways of contacting you, for instance msn, icq, or other messaging progs, odds have increased again
5) If you have (m)IRC, your odds have increased even more.

All in all, its down to how serious you are to play this game. Most of the game happens in chat, so if you're not willing to do that, you'll miss a lot. Its not impossible to join alliances without a chat program. But at least you'll have to do some effort to introduce yourself to the alliance you're applying at. You shouldn't forget, a member of an alliance has access to a lot of sensitive information, plus, the entire alliance suffers the risk of being deleted if one of its members is a cheater. Why would any rog stick their neck out for someone he/she doesn't know?

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