Topic: How to post a bug report (forum rules)

0. Use search and read the latest bug reports
It is possible that the bug you encountered is not unique and it was reported before. In this case do not post a new thread, but instead post the report on an existing thread as a confirmation of the bug. If you don't find one with reasonable amount of work please post a new thread.

1. Use descriptive topics
Tell what and where.
Bad topic: "A Bug". Somewhat good topic: "A Bug In Messaging". Good topic: "Reply Button In Messaging Doesn't Work"

2. Describe the bug well
Tell us (if applicable): 1. What you tried to do. 2. When you tried to do it (SHC). 3. What was the anticipated result of your action. 4. What was the result you got including any error messages. 5. If you can reproduce the bug tell us the exact steps how to do it. 6. Speculate wildly about the cause of the bug.

Do not use other methods of reporting the bugs unless it's a security related one
This is the place we look for bugs and the only place (besides e-mail and in game messages to 0:0 which are for security bugs). The things you say in Irc are forgotten after it scrolls off the screen and e-mails are forgotten when the client is closed. We don't have time to type up bug reports for you (unless it's important and security related). has a great article on this.
We both said a lot of things you're going to regret. - GLaDOS

Re: How to post a bug report (forum rules)

Rules updated.
We both said a lot of things you're going to regret. - GLaDOS