Topic: Official Alliance Thread

We are currently over-hauling the recruitment thread system.

Under the new system we will have a single thread in which all recruiting alliances may have a recruitment post.  The thread will be closed to prevent spamming and un-authorized posts.

If you'd like to be included in this thread, write an official recruitement speech, which must include; Alliance leader's name, a method to contact alliance leader(Forum Pm's acceptable), the alliance's prefered means of communication, alliance website (if any), and what the alliance offers/expects.  Once this is done, PM it to Suicine, who will be in charge of maintianing this thread.

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Re: Official Alliance Thread


Universal Navy had a healthy support during the speed games, sure it took a little while to get on its feet, but thats expected. The Universal Navy is supported by many strategically intelligent and determined players. Universal Navy has the main priority of working together as a team, so if you are good at that, whatever your level, make your alliance the Universal Navy. Trankoors and Ogarths are respected in the alliance as they have potential. Also within the Alliance there is a ranking system, and benefits are gained from the ranks.
So if you are the sort of Player that wants to win why not apply now.
99.99% need not apply.



Contact will be up, hopefully soon. For now I guess you just need press apply ingame.


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