Topic: When Posting Alliance Recruition/promotion Threads

I've noticed that many alliance starter threads are...a little less than appealing. So if you're going to start an alliance thread the following would be greatly appreciated.

Your first lesson in greatness, from yours truly - Evic:

Lesson 1 - Use Your Elementary Education

Your mom, dad, uncle, aunt, and the old lady down the road who smells like cabbage spend their hard earned money on this wonderful thing called taxes. These taxes are then used to pave roads, build bridges, buy cocaine for your congressman, and send you to elementary school. While in elementary school you learn great things like 2+2, the colors, how to play kickball, and how to spell the word "any."

What I'm trying to get through is proper spelling and grammar never hurt anyone, after all you want to show you're a competant leader, don't you? That means capitalize the first word in every sentence and refrain from capitalizing other words unless it's a name. Also, avoid slang and try to spell correctly (use if you're not sure). If you want a slogan don't make it sound like something off of a WWII-era Germany poster ( [Alliance Name] UBER ALLES! WE WILL CONQUER ALL! )

To start off with, a mission statement or the like is always good. The obvious thing to state would be why the alliance would appeal to any alliance-less players, what about taxes and is there good protection? What do you want from your members, do they have to be IRC, MSN, AIM, or ICQ active? Will you help them learn if they don't have or know the program? Any specific races you're short of? Do you have council positions you need filled? Is anyone allowed to apply or must they contact you? If so, how? Do you have any past experience leading in this game or any others? We're chock full of questions, dangit! Provide as much information as possible.

Try to keep spam off your thread, it's unappealing. Limit alliance chat to PMs and ingame messages and alliance boards (there's one provided ingame!). If there's anything I've missed, other members are more than welcome to add on.

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Re: When Posting Alliance Recruition/promotion Threads

That's a very good point, Sage.  A lot of alliances nowadays run a post something along the lines of "Join us.  We rock.  Apply."  I don't know about you, but I personally would never apply to an alliance like that.  You need to look for something with some substance, something where the average player in the alliance can at least communicate with you at the 3rd grade level.  But that's just my opinion.  Many alliances have been formed on the basis of immaturity over the years...