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To register an account so that you can be given Peon, Master (etc.) status you have to register with AuthServ first! To do that type this:

/AuthServ register (account) (password) (email@address)

(account) meaning desired nickname and so on, when you enter the information be sure not to put the tags there or else AuthServ will be befuddled

Now, authenticating. If all went well with registering, to log in use this syntax:

/msg AUTH (account) (password)


/authserv auth (nick) (password)

you should get a message in your status page saying -AuthServ- I recognize you


[This section for mIRC, may not work the same on other clients]
If you want to automatically authenticate or join a channel, using the toolbar go to:
View -> Options

Then on the sidebar click on:
Connect -> Options -> Perform

Click 'Add' if you use other servers and find 'GameSurge'. In the blank box put commands and actions you want to do upon connecting (don't forget to click the "Enable preform on connect" box)

  /authserv auth Sage 11268930
  /join #aw
  /join #BoW-AW
  /join #BoW-priv notrealkeybutthisiswhereitwouldbe

  /msg chanserv inviteme #BoW-priv

Now when you connect to IRC, the commands you've put in the box will automatically be given to the IRC client.

This is only a quick, simplified overview I posted in hopes of promoting alliance communication. Much better guides would be at the official GameSurge site and the mIRC website other features on said sites would be online GameSurge account and channel registering and mIRC offers a free IRC client. There's no such thing as a stupid question...just stupid people...which I highly doubt you are, otherwise you would've been chased out by now! Don't be shy and fire away!

EDIT: read Fancy and Evic's posts, I'm a lazy bastige and can't be bothered to put those things in ATM tongue

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It's also very important to point out that certain versions of mIRC (I believe 6.12, but I could be wrong) do NOT have a perform feature like that, so it isn't possible to do that in all cases.

Secondly, the command /authserv auth <nick> <password> also works for logging in.  Since I don't have a perform, I find that a lot easier to remember wink


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Add the following to your aliases Script Editor:

/auth {
nick MyNickname
authserv auth MyNickname MyPassword
join #channel
join #channel2
join #channel3

Then when you type /auth it will make sure your nick is set, auth you, and join your chans. You can omit the nick line if your feel like it. I idle on 4 servers with 2 diff. nicks, so I keep it in there to make sure I am using the right name on each server. I have one of these for each server, just named differently.

As a side note, the best script in the entire world is the Noname script. You can get it from <a href='' target='_blank'></a> - use it and love it.

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all versions of mirc have a perform option, its just in different places with different versions.

go to file > select server

in all versions it will appear from the left menu list in the options subfolder.

a button marked perform.

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