1 Sticky, Closed: How to post a bug report (forum rules)

by Jacq

2 Sticky, Closed: Mine stealing bug!

by Spankhenk

3 Sticky: Bug Report

by postal

4 Sticky: Norton Internet Security Users

by Jacq

5 Daylight Savings Time

by Carpaurion

6 universe bug

by Desperro

7 no messages :(

by Cookie

8 Fortress and Dominator

by Metaknight

9 Leaving member

by biggre

12 Bug Exploitation by a player

by Godless000

13 Universe 2

by biggre

14 Starting bug

by Tidal

15 Second Universe Bug

by The Dark Knight

16 Troop error

by ctrl+alt+delete

17 Server Down

by The Dark Knight

18 Messages deleted

by biggre

19 Closed: Fun / fair

by shadow

20 Recurring Problem

by biggre ( Pages 1 2 3 4 )

21 Alliance Score Bug?

by rwgwiccan

22 my messages r not showing up

by geo stelar

23 battle reports

by ctrl+alt+delete

24 Date bug (messages)

by shadow

25 Alliance size limit

by Kelmos

26 Solar hour count

by woldsman

27 Mines

by shadow

28 Combat bug...

by Odin

30 Ingame Battle Reports

by Revan I